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The Best Carbon Fiber Skateboards in 2021

There are many skateboarders that cringe at the very thought of riding a skateboard made from anything other than maple wood.

Maple has long been the standard in street skating as its strength to flexibility ratio is near perfect — maple has tons of pop plus the strength to handle being thrown down sets of stairs. Of course, there is a downside, and if you are skating every day and putting your deck through some punishment, a maple deck will last you a couple of months at most.

In recent years, skateboard manufactures have been looking toward building boards that are both more sustainable and last longer too, plus still have the pop, strength, and lightweight capability of traditional maple boards.

At first, bamboo seemed to be the next solution due to its sustainability, especially among longboards, but the incorporation of bamboo in street skating is still yet to be perfected.

Enter the carbon fiber skateboard.

Carbon fiber 101

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Best Skateboards for Beginner Adults – 2021 Review & Buyers’ Guide

Our 2021 Review & Buyers’ Guide

If you’ve decided to enter into the exciting world of skateboarding, congrats, and welcome! Skateboarding is far more than just another sport for most people and offers a brand-new way of seeing your surroundings — steps become an obstacle to conquer, a handrail becomes another challenge to slide down, and even simple curbs become a canvas for a variety of different tricks to learn.

Skateboarding is difficult and is thus an ideal way to build confidence and perseverance. You may try a trick 1000 times before you get it right, and the feeling of finally landing that kickflip or ollie is incredibly cathartic.

Not only that, and although skateboarding is not a team sport, it is largely a social sport and is a wonderful way to be a part of a unique community. Lastly, skateboarding is a great form of exercise and will help strengthen your legs and core.

With all the available options these days, it can seem overwhelming to choose th

Best Skateboard Backpack — Top 10 Picks and Reviews 2021

Best Skateboard Backpack — Reviews 2020

Every skateboarder needs a backpack — skateboarding and backpacks are almost inseparable. Whenever you go skate, it’s very rare that it’s only your skateboard you are taking along. You’ll need something to hold skate tools, spare parts, wax, hoodies, camera gear, and often, your skateboard.

Whether you are regularly skating the streets and parks, or whether you use your skateboard as a daily commuter, a backpack is an essential piece of equipment. You may also take a bicycle or public transport to the skatepark, and it’s a great option to be able to stow your board on a backpack and have free hands.

There is a huge variety of specially made backpacks specifically catered toward skateboarding, all with their own unique features. It can become

Best Skateboard Wheels for Street 2021 – Buying Guide

Best Skateboard Wheels for Street 2020

Having the right type of wheels to suit your style of riding is essential. Your wheel size will affect your stability, speed, and performance, and so you need to choose wheels that compliment your aims.

When it comes to street skating, your wheel needs to be lightweight, on the small side, and tough. Having smaller wheels will help with ollies and flip tricks, make grind tricks a lot easier, and help you gain the correct amount of speed needed in a short space of time.

If you are on the lookout for a new set of wheels for your street skating setup, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll discuss our 10 favorite street skateboard wheels, along with what to look to when buying wheels for street.

Street Skating 101

skateboard wheels

Street skateboarding is fairly

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