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How to Find the Best Skateboards for 3-Year-Olds

How to Find the Best Skateboards for 3-Year-Olds

Getting your 3-year-old into skateboarding doesn’t have to be difficult. With my guide on how to find the best skateboard for 3-year-olds, I will show you the best boards you can buy for your child to get them started.

I’ll list the things you need to consider before buying a new skateboard and why deck width and material are especially important.

If you want a quick overview of the best skateboards for 3-year-olds that made my list, look at the handy table below.

Bottom Line Up Front: Choose the ENJOI WHITEY PANDA MINI SOFT TOP to get your 3-year-old introduced to skateboarding. This skateboard is made from tough Canadian Maple, and the 6.75-inch deck is the perfect size for them to get on and learn how to balance.

The soft top is made specifically for beginners, and the softer 52mm wheels provide a smoother ride on a harsher surface. Also, it has a cool Panda aesthetic; what’s not to like about that?

At a Glance: 6 of the Best Skateboards for 3-Year-Olds

Skateboard Deck Width Deck Material Price Range



6.75 inches 7ply Canadian Maple $$$



7 inches 7ply Canadian Maple $$



7 inches 7ply Canadian Maple $$
Tony Hawk 180 Series Complete Skateboard 7.375 inches 7ply Canadian Maple $
MICROCHIP 7.0 7 Inches 7ply Canadian Maple $$
Rad Checker White/Black Micro 6.75 inches 7ply Canadian Maple $

Things to Consider Before Buying a Skateboard

kid skateboard

Buying the right skateboard for your kid requires some thought, and there are a few things to consider. If you want your kid to learn the basics and start making some awesome stunts, here are some things to think about.


The best material to look for in a new skateboard is Canadian maple.

Canadian maple is the most common material that skateboarding decks are made from, and for a good reason. This wood is highly durable so that it will absorb impacts, and a skateboard made from this material will last in good condition for a long time.

Also, maple is incredibly stiff, which helps a lot with control. A skateboard manufactured from Canadian maple wood will be very responsive, which allows you to pull off some gnarly tricks and stunts.

I always recommend using a skateboard made with Canadian maple as it is the best material to use for durability and performance.


When purchasing a skateboard for a specific age group, something else to consider is the deck width.

Buying a skateboard that is too narrow or too wide for your kid will cause problems, especially with their learning. If you are buying a skateboard for your 3-year-old, you should look for a deck width of 6.5″ to 7.0″. This is the ideal width as it will allow them to master the basics and learn to balance without feeling overwhelmed with a larger board.


While a 4-year-old might not be as bothered about the aesthetics of a skateboard compared to an older child, you still want to buy a model that will appeal to them.

Getting your kid interested in skateboarding goes beyond simply teaching them how to balance and move towards pulling off some tricks. For younger children, a skateboard with some color will help to grab their attention, and they’ll be stoked to get on the board and start learning.


The cost of buying a new skateboard is another factor to consider.

Skateboards don’t have to be overly expensive; however, you should consider it an investment, especially when buying one for a younger child. If you spend a few extra dollars on a better, more durable, and high-performing skateboard now, it will likely last your child a few years.

This can depend on how quickly your child grows, as they might grow out of their current skateboard and require one with a wider deck. Also, paying a little bit extra money for a better quality skateboard can be important for safety, as it will be less likely to snap or break.

Selection Criteria

I wanted to ensure that only the best skateboards for 3-year-olds were included in this guide. There are countless models out there that you can buy for your kid to get into skateboarding, so I applied the following criteria:

  • Width – I only included skateboards with a deck width between 6.5 and 7.3 inches. 7.3 inches is the top end that a younger child should use, and I have added various deck sizes to suit all heights in this age group.
  • Cost – Buying a new skateboard can be a costly affair depending on the model and brand. I have kept the price relatively low with my choices, so even the most expensive won’t break the bank.
  • Durability – All the skateboards on my list are made from Canadian maple wood. This is the best wood for a skateboard due to its toughness, flexibility, and all-around durability.
  • Design – I have made sure to choose skateboards with designs that will appeal to younger children.

6 Best Skateboards for 3-Year-Olds



The ENJOI WHITEY PANDA MINI SOFT TOP is an excellent skateboard that your 3-year-old can learn on and start mastering the basics and begin their journey of riding the concrete wave.

This board has a solid 7-ply Canadian maple deck, and the width of 6.75 is perfect for this age group. You will need to consider their height and shoe size to ensure that the deck is expansive enough; however, just under 7 inches is a pretty good all-rounder for 3-year-olds.

I like the Panda design of this skateboard, and I think it will grasp your kid’s attention. While it doesn’t have a ton of color, the Panda print and rad design would suit younger children.

The tensor trucks help with responsiveness, and combined with the 52mm wheels, your child will be able to get to grips with skateboarding before moving on to some more advanced tricks like basic ollies and drop-ins in a few years’ time.

The ENJOI WHITEY PANDA MINI SOFT TOP is a little on the expensive side, but it is a quality skateboard. While you might think it is a bit much to splash out, especially when your kid will likely outgrow the skateboard as they get bigger, this is a great skateboard to get your young one started.


  • The ideal width for a 3-year old
  • Kid-friendly panda design
  • It will help children to learn how to balance
  • Responsive and very durable


  • This skateboard is a little on the expensive side



Next up, we have the BLIND OG TIGER STRIPE, which is a very good skateboard for 3-year-olds to get to grips with balancing and rolling on concrete.

The board is slightly wider than the ENJOI model as it is 7-inches, but this is still an ideal size for this age group. The BLIND OG TIGER STRIPE is made with 7-ply Canadian maple, and the sturdy deck has a lot of pop and is designed to aid beginners.

The aesthetics of this skateboard are pretty cool and should appeal to most children with a rad and bright style. The tensor trucks and 51mm wheels will help with responsiveness and help your child to feel in control of the board, which is a big thing for building their confidence.

There isn’t a lot wrong with this skateboard. The BLIND OG TIGER STRIPE provides a good level of control for younger skateboarders, and you can be safe in the knowledge that your child will be learning on a sturdy and beginner-friendly model. Some kids might not like the style, but as I said above, it should appeal to most children with some bright colors.


  • Designed for beginners
  • Good deck width for a 3-year-old
  • Colorful style
  • Deck has a lot of pop


  • Some kids might not like the design, but it will appeal to most



The ALMOST BENT LOGO MINI is another solid skateboard that your 3-year-old can use to learn the ropes.

With an ideal deck width of 7-inches, this skateboard is a good size to get your kid started. There isn’t anything that massively stands out on this skateboard, but it does its job well.

The ALMOST BENT LOGO MINI is pretty similar to the BLIND model above as it is also made from Canadian maple wood and comes with tensor trucks and 51mm wheels. You’ll find that this skateboard is responsive while remaining smooth and comfortable on hard surfaces.

Ths smaller overall size is perfect for younger skaters, especially those under 5, and it should be fine for a few years until they need a bigger model.

I think the style and aesthetics are suited to younger children as well, and I like the bright colors.

Almost is a high-quality brand, so there are no issues with the manufacturer, and they consistently produce top skateboards whether you are a starter or an experienced skater who wants to pull off rail sides or get some air.

For a 3-year-old, the ALMOST BENT LOGO MINI should do the job and get them accustomed to riding a skateboard.


  • Ideal size for a 3-year-old
  • Responsive and provides good control
  • Solid deck and made from a reputable brand


  • This skateboard doesn’t have any exceptional features

Tony Hawk 180 Series Complete Skateboard

Tony Hawk 180 Series Complete Skateboard

When you think of skateboarding, one name always springs to mind – Tony Hawk.

It isn’t easy to talk about this sport and culture without mentioning his name, and the Tony Hawk 180 Series Complete Skateboard is an excellent choice for your youngster to get started.

I should mention that this skateboard is slightly wider than the rest on my list. The deck width is 7.375 inches. For the most part, this isn’t going to be a problem; however, if your kid isn’t particularly tall for their age, you might want to consider a smaller model.

I do like the broader deck because you won’t need to replace this skateboard as soon as you would some other models, as it will take your kid longer to grow out of it.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly board, this is one to consider as it is significantly cheaper than the rest on my list. The Tony Hawk 180 Series Complete Skateboard perhaps isn’t the most durable and won’t compete with the higher-priced boards such as the ENJOI model, but it is a good skateboard for younger children to use.


  • Good for those on a budget
  • Wider deck length will suit bigger children
  • Won’t need to upgrade to a larger model as soon
  • Nice design


  • Not as high-quality as the more expensive skateboards



The MICROCHIP 7.0 is another ENJOI skateboard that will help younger children find their feet, perfect their balance, and start learning how to ride the concrete wave.

The black, blue, and white styles are pretty trendy, although some kids might not find them colorful enough. However, the actual construction and performance are on-par with other ENJOI models.

The Canadian maple deck provides sturdiness, and the deck itself is a good width at 7-inches, which should suit most 3-year-olds and even some older children.

This is a mid-range priced skateboard that isn’t going to break your bank, but it isn’t the cheapest on the market either. That being said, the MICROCHIP 7.0 is worth paying the extra money for to help your 3-year-old learn on a quality, durable, and comfortable skateboard.

They won’t be doing any technical riding at that age, so there isn’t anything wrong with opting for the MICROCHIP 7.0 as a beginner model.


  • 7-inch deck width for younger kids
  • Durable skateboard made from Canadian maple
  • Mid-range board, available at a reasonable price


  • It could use some brighter colors

Rad Checker White/Black Micro

Rad Checker White Black Micro

The final skateboard on my list is the Rad Checker White/Black Micro.

This complete skateboard is ready to go out of the box, and it is a good way to help your kid begin their journey of pulling off frontside and backside tricks.

The deck width is 6.75 inches (the same as the ENJOI model at the top of my list), and this is perfect for kids under 5-years old. It provides a good surface area to learn balancing without feeling too big or imposing. Also, the deck width isn’t too narrow either, which can cause its own problems.

The price tag will appeal to many people. Given the quality of this skateboard, it is great to see it come in cheaper than most other models (aside from the Tony Hawk). I think this is a big selling point for this skateboard as it offers a brilliant level of performance, but you won’t need to spend as much as you would on some other boards.

Featuring a pretty cool aesthetic, ideal deck width size, and good construction throughout, the Rad Checker White/Black Micro skateboard will suit younger kids to hone their skills before they move on to more advanced tricks.


  • 6.75-inch deck, perfect for this age group
  • Well made and constructed skateboard
  • Available at a good price given the quality
  • Cool style and design


  • It might need replaced sooner, given the narrow deck

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Should a 3-Year-Old Start Skateboarding?

Answer: There are different opinions on whether it is safe for a 3-year-old to take up skateboarding. Children develop at different ages, and if you feel your 3-year-old can start balancing on a skateboard safely and with adult supervision, they can start getting involved in this excellent culture.

Question: What Skateboard Deck Width Should a 3-year-old Learn On?

Answer: The width of a skateboard deck is important, especially for younger children to learn the basics and how to balance. For 3-year-olds, a deck width between 6.5″ to 7.0″ is ideal, although it does depend on their height, and they may require a slightly wider deck.

Question: Is it Expensive to Buy a Skateboard for a 3-Year-Old?

Answer: The width of a skateboard deck is important, especially for younger children to learn the basics and how to balance. For 3-year-olds, a deck width between 6.5″ to 7.0″ is ideal, although it does depend on their height, and they may require a slightly wider deck.

Question: Can I Buy My 3-year-old an Adult Sized Skateboard?

Answer: You can, but it is better if they learn on a smaller board. This will help your kid learn how to balance, and a smaller skateboard will give them more control, as a more expansive deck might feel overwhelming.

Question: What is the Best Material for a Skateboard?

Answer: Canadian maple. This material is the best wood to use as it offers an excellent level of durability coupled with high performance.

Question: What Safety Gear Should My 3-Year-Old Have for Skateboarding?

Answer: Your 3-year-old must have proper safety gear to protect them if they fall. The essential equipment includes a helmet and elbow and knee pads.

My Verdict: What is the best Skateboard for 3-year-olds?

My recommendation is the ENJOI WHITEY PANDA MINI SOFT TOP.

I don’t think you can go wrong with this skateboard as it offers everything a 3-year-old needs to get started. The 6.75-inch deck is spot on for their age, and the panda design will appeal to most kids, which is half the battle in getting them onto the board.

While this model is a little bit expensive, it is a very safe skateboard made from hard wearing and durable Canadian maple wood, with responsive wheels and a design that will help them master the basics in no time.

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