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Best Skateboards for Big Guys Guide

Best Skateboards for Big Guys Guide

There is folk out there who are under the illusion that big guys cannot skate, but this could not be further from the truth. Skateboarding is a fantastic activity that can be enjoyed by big guys, tall guys, and even chubby guys. It is also a fun way to work up a sweat, burn some calories, and get into shape.

Modern Skateboard Decks are made from premium materials and feature the latest innovation and technology, and there is little doubt that they are more robust than ever before.

However, this does not mean that they are indestructible. Skateboard trucks can handle a significant weight, so always stand above the trucks when skating or performing tricks. Doing so will extend the lifespan of your skateboard, and eliminate any unwanted stress, fatigue, and cracks.

This guide will explore the Best Skateboards for Big Guys and includes the best decks, best complete skateboard, best longboard, and the best electric longboard. 

Bottom Line Upfront: My top pick for The Best Skateboards for Big Guys goes to the impressive Lithe Slate 3 Skateboard Deck. 

It is made from quality maple, carbon fiber, and premium polymers for unprecedented strength and durability. Additionally, this outstanding skateboard deck is chip-resistant, 20x more resistant to razor-tail, and lasts up to 10 times longer than traditional skateboard decks. 

Apart from all the mechanics and technology, the Lithe Slate 3 is a great-looking skateboard with lovely graphics and outstanding attention to detail.

Quick Overview: Best Skateboards for Big Guys

Skateboards for Big Guys

Best Skateboard Decks for Big Guys

Name: Lithe Slate 3 Skateboard Deck

  • Deck Dimensions: 32.27” (L) x 9.0” (W)
  • Deck Materials: Maple, Carbon Fiber, and Premium Polymers
  • Wheelbase: 14.56 Inches

Name: Madness Manipulate R7 Skateboard Deck

  • Deck Dimensions: 32.0″ (L) x 9.0″ (W)
  • Deck Materials: 7-Ply Canadian Maple and Epoxy Resin Glue
  • Wheelbase: 14.25 Inches

Name: Blind Sora Reaper Impersonator R7 Skateboard Deck

  • Deck Dimensions: 32.04” (L) x 9.4” (W)
  • Deck Materials: 7-Ply 100% North American Maple and Epoxy Resin Glue
  • Wheelbase: 14.5 Inches

Best Complete Skateboard for Big Guys

Name: Powell Peralta Welinder Classic Complete Skateboard

  • Deck Dimensions: 29.75” (L) x 9.62” (W)
  • Deck Materials: 7-Ply Maple
  • Wheelbase: 14.88 Inches

Best Longboard for Big Guys

Name: Magneto Carbon Fiber Downhill Longboard

  • Deck Dimensions: 37” (L) x 10” (W)
  • Deck Materials: Maple and Carbon Fiber
  • Wheelbase: 18 Inches

Best Electric Longboard for Big Guys

Name: Evolve Bamboo GTR All-Terrain Electric Skateboard

  • Deck Dimensions: 37.79” (L) 
  • Deck Materials: 3 Ply Bamboo and 2-Ply Fiberglass
  • Wheelbase: 35.8” – 37.0” (Adjustable) 

Choosing the Correct Skateboard

Choosing the Correct Skateboard

When purchasing a new skateboard, the most important thing to remember is that quality does not come cheap. It is always a good idea to source a skateboard from a reputable and well-known skateboarding company, especially if you are a big guy. 

Do not waste your time and money on a Walmart Board, as this will lead to frustration and heartache. The main reason why Walmart Boards are so cheap is that the materials, components, and hardware used to make the skateboards are cheap. 

Consult your local skate shop or skate park and ask for their expert advice. Grab the skateboard you may be interested in, go for a test ride, and get a good feel for it before making your decision. 

Completing your Deck

If your weapon of choice is a street deck (DIY), you are going to need some heavy-duty hardware to finish your board. Below is a list containing the best trucks, wheels, and bearings for Big Guys.

Best Trucks for Big Guys: ACE 66 AF1 Trucks

ACE 66 AF1 Trucks

Ace Trucks was founded by Joey Tershay and Steve “Shrewgy” Ruge in 2007. Passionate about skateboarding, the two set out to create the strongest and best-performing trucks for modern skateboards. They found the market difficult in the initial stages, but never gave up and soldiered through the tough times.

The duo was joined by Joey Pulsifer in 2017. Joey brought with him innovative ideas and concepts to significantly improve functionality and strength. In 2021, Ace Trucks released the AF1 Series, widely regarded as the most robust cast truck on earth.

The ACE 66 AF1 Trucks are an ideal choice for big, heavy, and tall guys. They feature a 9” axle-width and are an ideal pairing for the Lithe Slate 3 Skateboard Deck. The combination is virtually indestructible yet still offers high levels of performance and functionality. The truck hanger width is 6.5”, the height is 52mm, and each truck weighs just 416 grams.


  • Excellent Trucks from Ace Trucks
  • Upgraded Axles made from SM440 Alloy Steel
  • 70% Stronger Integral Structure
  • Upgraded Pivot Cups with Hand-Poured 96a Premium Polyurethane
  • Aluminum Base Plate and Hanger
  • Faced Hanger Ends allow Bearings to move Freely

Best Wheels for Big Guys: Spitfire Formula Four 99d Swirl Classics

Spitfire Formula Four 99d Swirl Classics

Spitfire Skateboard Wheels was founded in 1987 by Jim Thiebaud. Today Spitfire Wheels are considered one of the best skateboard wheels available and renowned for producing innovative and quality skateboard wheels.  

I love these Formula Four Wheels from Spitfire, and at around 160 lbs, I am not a big guy. They are versatile with a medium wheel profile and feature a classic and authentic wheel shape.

The surface of the Formula Four 99d Swirls is smooth with a shiny outer coating. Initially, the outer coating may appear soft and sticky, but it will quickly wear off for that iconic Spitfire feel.


  • Excellent Skateboarding Wheels from Spitfire Wheels
  • Formula Four Polyurethane 
  • Abrasion Resistant with Fewer Flat Spots
  • Long-Lasting Size and Shape
  • High Levels of Controllable Grip
  • 99a Durometer
  • Well-Priced

Best Bearings for Big Guys: Bronson Speed Co. G3 Ceramic Bearings

Bronson Speed Co. G3 Ceramic Bearings


The Bronson Speed Co. has been producing world-class skateboard bearings since 2013. In just nine years, the company has established itself as a key player in the skateboarding industry.  

The Bronson Speed Co. G3 Ceramic Bearings are ideal for big and heavy guys. Every set features Precision, Hot Isostatic Pressure Sintered (HIPS) Silicon Nitride ceramic balls.

The ceramic balls are smooth rolling, durable, and super fast. Each bearing is fitted with an Innovative non-distortion custom cage. The custom cage keeps the oil circulating while keeping the ceramic ball precision spaced.


  • Premium Ceramic Bearings from the Bronson Speed Co.
  • Smooth and Quiet
  • Deep Groove Raceways
  • Micro-Groove Raceway Surfaces
  • Straight Edge Frictionless Shields
  • High-Speed Premium Ceramic Oil
  • Well-Priced

Best Skateboards for Big Guys

Below is a list of the best Skateboards for Big Guys:

Best Skateboard Decks for Big Guys: Lithe Slate 3 Skateboard Deck

Lithe Slate 3 Skateboard Deck

Lithe Skateboards are relative newcomers to skateboard deck manufacturing and have only been manufacturing skateboard decks since early 2016.

The company headquarters and production facilities are located in the heart of Huntington Beach, California. In 2018, Lithe Skateboards started mass production on an innovative skateboard deck that completely revolutionized skateboard decks as we knew them. 

The Lithe Slate 3 is a high-performance skateboard deck made from Maple, Carbon Fiber, and Premium Polymers. They are available in numerous sizes, but I recommend the 32.27” x 9.0” for big guys, tall guys, and guys who are overweight.

It is possibly one of the strongest skateboard decks ever made and lasts up to 10 times longer than traditional wooden decks. The pop is on another level, with laboratory tests illustrating that there is double the energy return compared to that of maple. 


  • Outstanding Skateboard Deck from Lithe Skateboards
  • 32.27” x 9.0” Deck made from Maple, Carbon Fiber, and Premium Polymers
  • Robust and Firm, with Loads of Flex and Rebound
  • 20 Times More Razor-Tail Resistant
  • Lasts up to 10x Longer than Traditional Skateboard Decks
  • Chip and Delamination Resistant
  • Fewer Hang-Ups and Slide-Outs
  • 14.56” Wheel Base
  • Gorgeous Second Generation Glyd Graphics


  • This Skateboard Deck is Expensive

Madness Manipulate R7 Skateboard Deck

Madness Manipulate R7 Skateboard Deck

Madness Skateboards is an American Skateboard Company started in 2018. Their products are distributed by Dwindle Distribution and represented by Clay Kreiner, Sam Becket, Jack Fardell, and Alex Perelson.

Madness Skateboards are notorious for their attention to detail, quality, and in-your-face graphics, everything you would want from a modern skateboard manufacturer. 

The Manipulate R7 is a quality and super strong skateboard Deck, and at 9.0″ wide is perfect for big and heavy guys. It is individually pressed and made from 7-Ply 100% Canadian Maple. This skateboard deck features an innovative epoxy resin, which delivers more strength while using less glue.

This quality epoxy resin results in a super-strong deck that is lightweight and flexible. The Madness Manipulate R7 Skateboard Deck is comfortable with loads of control. It features a medium concave and a steep kick.


  • Quality Skateboard Deck from Madness Skateboards
  • 33.25” x 9.0” Deck made from 7-Ply Maple and Epoxy Resin Glue
  • Single Deck Press
  • Stiffer, Lighter, and Stronger than a Conventional 7-Ply Skateboard Deck
  • Long-Lasting Deck Life
  • Wheelcuts
  • 7.0” Nose Length
  • 6.58” Tail Length
  • Strong Long-Lasting Pop
  • 14.25” Wheelbase
  • Mob Skateboard Grip Tape
  • Eye-Catching Graphics


  • Not as Maneuverable as its Competitors

Blind Sora Reaper Impersonator R7 Skateboard Deck

Blind Sora Reaper Impersonator R7 Skateboard Deck

Blind Skateboards was founded by Mark Gonz Gonzales, in 1988. Mark Gonz Gonzales is an ex-professional skateboarder and an accomplished artist, but more importantly, a true pioneer of modern street skateboarding.

In addition to Blind Skateboards, Mark Gonzales is also responsible for creating the Krooked Skateboards Brand. In 2011, Transworld Skating Magazine named Mark Gonzales ‘The Most Influential Skateboarder of All Time’. 

The Sora Reaper Impersonator R7 Skateboard Deck is perfect for big and heavy guys. The large 32.04” x 9.4” deck offers sufficient surface area, to evenly distribute any additional weight. It is lightweight and flexible yet strong and long-lasting.

If you are not that serious about skateboarding and more of a weekend warrior, this deck will give you many years of skateboarding pleasure.


  • Excellent Skateboard Deck for Big and Heavy Guys
  • Large 32.04” x 9.4” Deck made from 7-Ply 100% North American Maple and Epoxy Resin Glue
  • Single Pressed
  • Classic Popsicle Shape with Double Kicktail with Steep Kicks
  • 6.875” Nose Length
  • 6.375” Deck Length
  • Mellow Concave
  • Strong Rebound and Pop
  • More robust than Industry Standards results in a Long Deck Life
  • 14.5” Wheelbase


  • The 9.4” Deck is Great for Big Guys, but it is not as Technical if you have Skating Experience

Best Complete Skateboard for Big Guys: Powell Peralta Welinder Classic Complete Skateboard

Powell Peralta Welinder Classic Complete Skateboard

If you are a big guy looking for the convenience of a complete skateboard, then look no further than the awesome Powell Peralta Welinder Classic Complete Skateboard. In terms of complete skateboards, this is as good as it gets.

Powell Peralta has a pedigree second to none, and these guys are driven by passion and pure love for skateboarding. The company has been around for over 43 years and continues to pioneer the sport. 

The Welinder Classic Complete features a world-class skateboard deck measuring 29.75″ x 9.62″. This skateboard deck is super strong and lightweight and made from 7-Ply 100% Maple. It features a gentle concave and a single kicktail. 


  • Premium Complete Skateboard from Powell Peralta
  • 29.75” x 9.62” is a Great Size for Big and Heavy Guys
  • 4.05” Deck Nose
  • 6.63 Deck Tail
  • Super Strong and Lightweight 7-Ply maple Deck
  • Independent 169 Trucks
  • Powell Peralta 64mm Wheels with 97a Durometer
  • World-Class Bones Super Reds Bearings
  • Powell Peralta Risers
  • 14.88: Wheelbase
  • Artwork by Vernon Courtlandt Johnson


  • I Cannot Find a Suitable Con at this time

Best Longboard for Big Guys: Magneto Carbon Fiber Downhill Longboard

Magneto Carbon Fiber Downhill Longboard

Magneto Boards are newcomers to the industry and are based in sunny Carlsbad, California. The all-American company has designed, produced, and sold professional skateboards using a mixture of tradition and modern technology. The company also produces world-class street boards, accessories, and skating apparel.

The Magneto Carbon Fiber Downhill Longboard is a fantastic Longboard and an ideal choice for big guys looking to cruise around. The robust skateboard deck measures 37” x 10”, and is made from Maple and Carbon Fiber. 


  • Quality Longboard from Magneto Boards
  • Ideal for Big Guys
  • Super Strong 37” x 10” Skateboard Deck made from Maple and Carbon Fiber
  • Features Innovative W-Concavity Technology with Two Channels running along the length of the Deck
  • 3K Carbon Fiber Weave Results in Exceptional Weight to Strength Ratio
  • Premium 70mm x 53mm SHR High Rebound Polyurethane Wheels
  • Recessed Truck Mounts
  • SHR – Medium Stiffness Bearings
  • Reduced Noise levels and Vibrations
  • Smooth and Comfortable Ride
  • 18’ Wheelbase


The bushings can be tight and need too to be adjusted

Best Electric Skateboard for Big Guys: Evolve Bamboo GTR All-Terrain Electric Skateboard

Evolve Bamboo GTR All-Terrain Electric Skateboard

Evolve Skateboards is an Australian Skateboarding company founded by Jeff Anning in 2008. Finding himself disappointed and frustrated with an electric skateboard that he had purchased, Jeff Anning set out to create the best electric longboards on the globe.

Evolve Skateboards was born, and after just 14 years in the business, Jeff realized his dream with the Evolve GTR Electric Skateboard Series. 

The Evolve Bamboo GTR All-Terrain Skateboard 


  • World-Class Electric Longboard from Evolve Skateboards
  • Super Strong 37.79” Deck made from 3-Ply Bamboo and 2-Ply Fiberglass
  • Extreme Control and Stability
  • Top-Class 97mm Evolve GT Inline Race Wheels with 76a Durometer
  • Evolve Ceramic Precision Bearings
  • Forged 12” Super Carve Trucks
  • Dual 1500W High-Performance Electric Motors
  • 14AH Samsung Lithium-Ion battery with custom BMS 
  • Regenerative Charging with Ultra Smooth Stepless Braking Control
  • R-2 Remote Featuring Bluetooth Control and Instant Trigger Response.
  • Class-Leading Range of 31 miles (50km)
  • Top Speed of 26 Miles per Hour (42km/h)
  • 30% Gradient Hill Climbing Ability
  • 35.8” – 37” Adjustable Wheelbase


  • This Electric Skateboard is Expensive

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What is a Good Size Skateboard for a Big Guy?

Answer: When it comes to big, heavy, and tall guys, the general rule is that the wider and longer the board is the better. Long and wide skateboards have more surface area to effectively and efficiently distribute the weight.
An 8.0”-8.25” skateboard is considered a standard size, so choose a skateboard that is at least 8.5” or wider. If you have previous skating experience, then an 8.25” skateboard should be fine. 

Question: Can Big Guys Ride Skateboards?

Answer: Not only can big guys ride skateboards, but many of them can shred too. Invest in an 8.5” skateboard and equip it with a set of premium trucks.
Trucks are a vital component of the skateboard and are responsible for carrying the majority of the weight. Always, remember to stand and land with your feet above the trucks, this will eliminate any additional stress and pressure on your deck.

Question:  Who is the Heaviest Pro Skater on Tour?

Answer: Danny Way is a super talented professional skateboarder, who weighs in at a chunky 180 lbs. Now, Danny Way is in no way overweight, he is just a tall solid individual who mastered the art despite being heavier than everyone else.
Danny Way has had an accomplished skating career and has broken numerous skateboarding records, with the Highest Air Record being the top of the pick.

Question: What is the Maximum Weight a Skateboard can Hold?

Answer: Modern traditional skateboards are made from premium components and materials and have an official maximum weight limit of 272 lb (123.5 kg). This does not mean that a skateboard cannot withstand a greater weight, but once you factor in momentum, speed, thrust, and the types of tricks being done, 272 lb (123.5 kg) is the official weight limit.
Longboards are designed for cruising and are not for doing insane tricks, so the official weight limit of a longboard is 300 lb (136 kg). Electric Longboards boast the highest weight limit of all skateboards. They are utilized for commuting and cruising around, and have an official weight limit of 330 lb (150 kg)

Question: Will I Lose Weight Skateboarding?

Answer: Skateboarding is loads of fun, and is an ideal way to lose weight and get into shape. It is a great way to spend the day, while getting some cardio, working your core, and working your legs.
Most of your balance is generated from your upper body, so your shoulders and arms get a workout too. Depending on your metabolism and weight, you can burn between 350 and 550 calories in a 60-minute session. Skateboarding is a great way to lose weight, stay in shape, and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Conclusion: Best Skateboards for Big Guys

Skateboard manufacturers are constantly improving and upping their game, and the products that they are creating are exceptional. Whether you are a big, tall, or heavy guy, there is no reason why you should not be out there skating with the rest of us. 

This guide has featured some incredible skateboards, but my Top Pick is the Lithe Slate 3 Skateboard Deck. This glorious skateboard deck should be accompanied by Ace 66 AF1 Heavy Duty Trucks, Spitfire Formula Four 99d Swirl Classics, and Bronson Speed Co G3 Ceramic Bearings.

This combination is the ultimate skating setup. It is tough enough to stand up to anything you can throw at it and will make you look good while doing it.

If you are a big guy who also happens to be a newbie to skateboarding, I recommend the Powell Peralta Welinder Classic Complete Skateboard. It is a great skateboard for you to start on and is one of the best pro-series complete skateboards money can buy. 

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