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Best Starter Skateboards [2022]: Which is Right for Your Needs?

Skateboarding has become more popular than ever in recent times, and whether you are a street surfer just wanting some fun transport or looking to start doing some tricks, there is a style of skateboard for everyone. If you’re looking at getting started in the world of skateboarding, you may be wondering where to start?

Having a decent setup to ride and learn on, especially in the beginning, will make learning the sport not only a lot more fun but infinitely easier. A poorly setup board can quickly be disheartening and cause you to give up before you’ve even begun.

With the massive variety of skateboard shapes and sizes available on the market today, it can be really confusing to choose the right one as a beginner. That’s why we created this guide of best skateboards for beginners — to help cut through the confusion and help you choose the perfect starter skateboard. Let’s get started!

Things to consider when buying a starter skateboard

The first important co

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Best Longboards for Cruising: How to Find The Right One

Longboarding does not only consist of flying down hills at spine-tingling speeds and sliding around corners with your hand’s inches from the concrete. There are less adrenaline-inducing forms of the sport, and casual cruising, whether for transport or simple fun, has become a widely popular aspect of longboarding too.

Longboards for cruising are very similar to the high-speed varieties, in as much as they are longer, wider, and faster than skateboards, but there are a few key differences that make them unique.

Downhill longboards are meant purely for speed, whereas cruising boards are designed to be fun, functional, and have the capability of performing a few tricks when needed too.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best longboards designed for cruising available today, as well as what to look for when buying a cruiser-style longboard.

Let’s get started!

What is a cruiser longboard?

Put simply, a cruiser longboard refers to a longboard that

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Best Downhill Longboards: Top 8 Picks in 2022

Best Downhill Longboards in 2021

Longboarding is different from skateboarding in almost every way; there are generally no ollies, flip tricks, or ramps involved, and the boards themselves are entirely different. Downhill longboarding is another beast altogether. While longboards are, in general, typically used for cruising and transportation, many longboarders soon crave more speed, and steep, long hills inevitably become the main point of focus.

Of course, if you are cruising down steep hills at insane speeds, you’ll want to be 100% comfortable on the board beneath your feet. These boards need to not only be capable of high speed but should handle turns with ease and be able to withstand the punishment of downhill longboarding, from the wheels to the deck. If you are looking for a longboard to begin your new high-speed hobby, you’ve come to the right place!

There are tons of different longboards on the market and choosing the right one for your needs can become con

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Best Blank Skateboard Decks and How to Find The Right One

With the expense of “brand-name”, high-end skateboard decks only growing in cost, blank skateboards are becoming a great option for beginner and experienced skaters alike. When you consider the fact that your deck is the most often replaced component of your skateboard, it can quickly get expensive to keep purchasing pro decks from high-end brands. There is almost nothing more upsetting than snapping that new (expensive) Element or Santa Cruz deck within a couple of weeks of purchasing it.

This is where blank decks come in. Because of the lack of logo, fancy graphics, branding, and the name of a pro skater, these decks are often half the price or less than normal skateboard decks! This is great for skaters on budget or skaters cursed with breaking their decks all the time. Of course, not all blank decks are made the same, and there are some terrible quality decks out there too.

Due to the lack of branding and marketing, it can be confusing to choose a good quality blank skate

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Skateboard vs Longboard: Which is Right for You?

Skateboard vs Longboard: Which is Right for You?

To the uninitiated, skateboarding and longboarding may seem like essentially the same thing, and in essence, they are. But if you take a closer look, apart from the fact that you are riding a wooden board on wheels, they are, in practice, very different. From the style of riding to the boards being used, skateboarding and longboarding are drastically different, although they are branches of the same tree.

With this in mind, choosing a skateboard over a longboard or vice versa largely depends on what you want to do: are you just into surfing the streets, or do you want to perform complicated tricks? In this article, we’ll go in-depth with the details of both skateboards and longboards and their different uses to help you choose the right board (and riding style) to suit your unique needs. Let’s get started!

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The Best Carbon Fiber Skateboards in 2022

There are many skateboarders that cringe at the very thought of riding a skateboard made from anything other than maple wood.

Maple has long been the standard in street skating as its strength to flexibility ratio is near perfect — maple has tons of pop plus the strength to handle being thrown down sets of stairs. Of course, there is a downside, and if you are skating every day and putting your deck through some punishment, a maple deck will last you a couple of months at most.

In recent years, skateboard manufactures have been looking toward building boards that are both more sustainable and last longer too, plus still have the pop, strength, and lightweight capability of traditional maple boards.

At first, bamboo seemed to be the next solution due to its sustainability, especially among longboards, but the incorporation of bamboo in street skating is still yet to be perfected.

Enter the carbon fiber skateboard.

Carbon fiber 101

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Best Skateboards for Beginner Adults – 2022 Review & Buyers’ Guide

Our 2021 Review & Buyers’ Guide

If you’ve decided to enter into the exciting world of skateboarding, congrats, and welcome! Skateboarding is far more than just another sport for most people and offers a brand-new way of seeing your surroundings — steps become an obstacle to conquer, a handrail becomes another challenge to slide down, and even simple curbs become a canvas for a variety of different tricks to learn.

Skateboarding is difficult and is thus an ideal way to build confidence and perseverance. You may try a trick 1000 times before you get it right, and the feeling of finally landing that kickflip or ollie is incredibly cathartic.

Not only that, and although skateboarding is not a team sport, it is largely a social sport and is a wonderful way to be a part of a unique community. Lastly, skateboarding is a great form of exercise and will help strengthen your legs and core.

With all the available options these days, it can seem overwhelming to choose th

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